Grow Your Own Teacher Programs: Professional Learning Series

February 7- September 28, 2023

The CCNetwork’s Strengthening & Diversifying the Educator Workforce Work Group is hosting a professional learning series on Grow Your Own (GYO) teacher programs. This series, comprising four 90-minute webinars, is targeted toward SEA, LEA, and GYO program leaders and will discuss strategies for scaling and sustaining effective programs.
February 7, 2023: Funding GYO Programs
March 27: Establishing and Sustaining GYO Partnerships
May 22: Recruiting, Mentoring, and Retaining GYO Candidates
September 28: GYO Data, Advocacy, and Evaluation

 Indigenous Educator Pathways II: Designing Our Systems

February 14, 2023

Tribal governments, Native communities, colleges, universities, and school districts are systematically strengthening the teacher workforce in the United States by opening pathways for American Indian and Alaska Native educators. This webinar will focus on systemic efforts and innovations that prepare, place, and sustain American Indian and Alaska Native educators, including alternative licensure pathways.

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