Artificial Intelligence: What States Need to Know

Teacher using AI

This three-part series is designed to support state education agencies in providing guidance on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in schools. The briefs offer an overview of AI and examples of current AI-related educational policy, followed by concrete steps to guide policy development.

Artificial Intelligence in Education: An Overview for State Departments of Education

The first brief in the series provides an overview for SEAs to understand and disseminate knowledge and information related to AI, a brief introduction to AI in education, and examples of current AI-related educational policy.

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Artificial Intelligence Policy Considerations for State Education Agencies

This checklist, the second of a three-part series, provides considerations for beginning to address AI and develop policies and guidance.

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State Education Agency Policy for Artificial Intelligence: Getting Started

This final brief offers steps SEAs can take to begin development of an AI-related vision and strategic objectives that will drive the implementation of AI.

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