Educator Recruitment and Retention

Grow Your Own Strategies: Professional Learning Series for SEA, LEA, & GYO Program Leaders

This webinar recording is the first of a three-part learning series on what is known about effective Grow Your Own programs, including strategies for scaling and sustaining effective programs. Jason Greenberg Motamedi, senior researcher at Education Northwest, opened the session with an overview of the different types of Grow Your Own programs. The session also highlighted several effective Grow Your Own programs in Texas and Illinois.

A Snapshot of Educator Mobility in Montana: Understanding Issues of Educator Shortages and Turnover

According to a 2019 report from REL Northwest, educator shortages in Montana are being driven by school systems’ inability to recruit qualified candidates for open positions, rather than by high rates of teacher turnover, as in many other states. The study is the first to examine educator shortages and turnover using Montana administrative data and the results of a statewide survey of educators.

50-State Comparison: Teacher Recruitment and Retention

This resource compiles state-specific data related to teacher shortages and provides a national comparison of state policies to recruit and retain teachers, especially in shortage subject areas and underserved schools. The resource features state educator preparation program completion data, shortage and equity gap data, in addition to policies found in state statutes, regulations and other documents, as of August 2019. It does not reflect local implementation or practice, including policies or programs at postsecondary institutions.

Mentoring and Induction Toolkit

The Center on Great Teachers & Leaders (GTL) Mentoring and Induction Toolkit is a ready-to-use resource for states working closely with districts to build strong mentoring and induction programs. The purpose of the toolkit is to give regional comprehensive centers (RCCs) and state education agencies (SEAs) tools, resources, and support to facilitate meaningful conversations with local education agencies (LEAs) about the design and implementation of effective, high-quality mentoring and induction programs.

National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) State Teacher Policy Database

Explore NCTQ data and analysis of state laws, rules, and regulations that shape the teaching profession- from teacher preparation, licensing, and evaluation to compensation, professional development, and dismissal policies.

Center on Great Teachers & Leaders at the American Institutes for Research

From 2012-2019, the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders was a national content center under the federally funded Comprehensive Center Network. Following the grant's conclusion, AIR continues to operate the GTL Center and offer services across a range of core evidence-based talent management strategies.

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