Social and Emotional Learning

Breathe for Change Wellness Resources

Students are likely experiencing strong, complex emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Simply shifting schedules can feel like a huge disruption in a child’s life. We amassed a few great resources to help parents and teachers support students as they acknowledge and move through confusing feelings.

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

CASEL is a trusted source for knowledge about high-quality, evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL). Their Collaborative States Initiative provides links to a variety of tools and reports, including this brief which highlights ways state education agencies have developed policies and practices to promote systemic SEL within states and across their districts and schools.

Education Policy Approaches to Trauma-Informed Practices

This two-page Policy Outline by the Education Commission of the States is an introduction to trauma-informed practices, as defined in state education policy. Trauma-informed practices intersect with school discipline, student health, educator training, school safety and more. This resource includes examples of current legislation in 10 states.

Shifting the Current School Climate: Sense of Belonging and Social and Emotional Learning

Like the current of a stream, school climate shapes how adults and students engage in the school community. This REL Northwest infographic depicts 10 schoolwide and classroom-level actions adults can take to ensure all students feel a sense of belonging.

What the Research Says on Supporting the Social and Emotional Well-Being of Students

Education Northwest compiled this list of readily available studies and articles on programs and approaches that promote social and emotional learning. These resources can help practitioners learn interventions with a proven track record and support leaders’ decisions on the types of programs to pursue.

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